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Tow Truck Winch Line

Steel Core Wire Rope Tow Truck Winch Line Cable with Alloy Eye Hoist Hook and Stainless Steel Safety LatchTow Truck Winch Line Cable

  • Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements
  • Heavy Duty Flemish Thimble Eye Splice
  • Kink & Crush Resistant

Also Available In Fiber Core.

Click Part # for More Info.SizeBreak StrengthWeightPriceAdd To Cart
SCWL240503/8"x50' w/3 ton hook15,100 lbs.15 lbs$119.99
SCWL241003/8"x100' w/3 ton hook15,100 lbs.28 lbs$186.99
SCWL241503/8"x150' w/3 ton hook15,100 lbs.41 lbs$242.99
SCWL280507/16"x50' w/4.5 ton hook20,400 lbs.20 lbs$146.99
SCWL281007/16"x100' w/4.5 ton hook20,400 lbs.38 lbs$212.99
SCWL281507/16"x150' w/4.5 ton hook20,400 lbs.56 lbs$269.99
SCWL321001/2"x100' w/4.5 ton hook26,600 lbs.50 lbs$310.99
SCWL321501/2"x150' w/4.5 ton hook26,600 lbs.73 lbs$366.99
SCWL322001/2"x200' w/4.5 ton hook26,600 lbs.96 lbs$399.99