Cable Pulling Rope 

Double Braided Cable Pulling Rope

Skydog’s Double Braided Composite Cable Pulling Ropes are High Strength, Long Lasting, & Easy To Handle. Made In The U.S.A.

Made for the toughest electrical jobs, our ropes are compatible with all cable tuggers & pullers. Torque free & low stretch.

Features shock absorption properties similar to nylon and a higher tensile strength than either nylon or polyester, this rope offers even balance and excellent resistance to abrasion, sunlight and most common chemicals. This cable pulling rope is especially preferred when multiple cables or heavy loads are being pulled.

*Select a rope size with a break strength capacity that meets or exceeds the cable pullers maximum pulling force.

Choose from 600ft and 1200ft reel lengths. Factory spliced eye at both ends.

Pulling Tape
Click Part # for More Info.Dia x LengthMin. Break StrengthWeight Per ReelPrice Per ReelAdd To Cart
37016CPR6001/4" x 600'2,700 lbs.18 lbs$199.99
37016CPR12001/4" x 1,200'2,700 lbs.30 lbs$399.99
37024CPR6003/8" x 600'5,000 lbs.36 lbs$249.99
37024CPR12003/8" x 1,200'5,000 lbs.65 lbs$499.99
37032CPR6001/2" x 600'9,500 lbs.76 lbs$399.99
37032CPR12001/2" x 1,200'9,500 lbs.146 lbs$799.99
37036CPR6009/16" x 600'16,150 lbs.79 lbs$499.99
37036CPR12009/16" x 1,200'16,150 lbs.158 lbs$999.99
37040CPR6005/8" x 600'18,000 lbs.110 lbs$599.99
37040CPR12005/8" x 1,200'18,000 lbs.220 lbs$1,199.99
37040CPR24005/8" x 2,400'18,000 lbs.360 lbs$2,350.50
37048CPR6003/4" x 600'26,000 lbs.145 lbs$799.99
37048CPR12003/4" x 1,200'26,000 lbs.240 lbs$1,599.99
37056CPR6007/8" x 600'32,000 lbs.186 lbs$999.99
37056CPR12007/8" x 1,200'32,000 lbs.340 lbs$1,999.99
37064CPR6001" x 600'42,000 lbs.210 lbs$1,299.99
37064CPR12001" x 1,200'42,000 lbs.372 lbs$2,599.99
37072CPR6001-1/8" x 600'47,900 lbs.216 lbs$1,799.99
37072CPR12001-1/8" x 1,200'47,900 lbs.432 lbs$3,599.99
37080CPR6001-1/4" x 600'56,200 lbs.263 lbs$2,399.99
37080CPR12001-1/4" x 1,200'56,200 lbs.526 lbs$4,799.99