Cotton Rope 3 Strand Twisted 100%

Twisted Cotton Rope 3 Strand Twisted

Cotton Rope

Cotton Rope 3 Strand TwistedSkydog carries only the finest.

Our pure 100% 3-strand twisted natural cotton rope is a biodegradable organic fiber with no synthetic fillers. Soft on the hands and pliable, it is easy to knot or splice.

Perfect for macrame, making hammocks, in wedding or household decor,  DIY projects, or anything else you can imagine.

A great rope for pets or livestock if not ingested. As a result, this rope is suitable for pet toys, leashes, horse heads and halters, ranch animals, birds or cats. Cotton rope is washable but may shrink when it gets wet.

Our rope is unbleached with no fillers. Made in the U.S.A.Cotton Rope Size Comparison

Sold in continuous foot length, or bulk coils.

Click Part # for More Info.SizeWeightPrice Per ft./Bulk CoilAdd To Cart
21012TWC22503/16"x2,250 ft. Reel26 lbs$149.99
21016TWCPFT1/4" By The Foot.02 lbs$0.09
21016TWC12001/4"x1200 ft. Coil24 lbs $109.99
21024TWCPFT3/8" By The Foot.041 lbs$0.23
21024TWC6003/8"x600 ft. Coil25 lbs $137.99
21032TWCPFT1/2" By The Foot.075 lbs$0.38
21032TWC6001/2"x600 ft. Coil40 lbs $208.60
21040TWCPFT5/8" By The Foot.133 lbs$0.61
21040TWC6005/8"x600 ft. Coil58 lbs $339.99
21048TWCPFT3/4" By The Foot.167 lbs $0.89
21048TWC6003/4"x600 ft. Coil83 lbs $475.50
21064TWCPFT1" By The Foot.27 lbs$1.35
21064TWC6001"x600 ft. Bulk Coil124 lbs $689.99
21080TWCPFT1-1/4" By The Foot.42 lbs$2.25
21080TWC6001-1/4"x300 ft. Bulk Coil95 lbs $499.99
21090TWCPFT1-1/2" By The Foot.55 lbs$3.75