UnManila (ProManila) Rope 3 Strand Twisted

Unmanila Promanila RopeUnmanila Rope 1.5 inch (1-1/2

UnManila or ProManila is a strong synthetic tan polypropylene made to resemble natural manila. This full size decorative rope is ideal for outdoor environments.

Smooth to the touch with no rough fibers makes it an excellent choice for handrails. This rope won’t rot, shrink, mildew or decay. Perfect for your deck, patio or landscape décor. Great by the beach, near the dock, or close to the pier.UnManila Rope 3 Strand Twisted

Looking for natural fiber hemp manila instead?

Get that classic nautical look with all the benefits!

Sold in continuous foot lengths or bulk 600 ft. spools

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Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPrice Per ft./SpoolAdd To Cart
23016TTP6001/4"x600 ft.1,250 lbs.7.2 lbs$34.99 per spool
23024TTP6003/8"x600 ft.2,440 lbs.16.8 lbs$64.99 per spool
23032TTP6001/2"x600 ft.3,780 lbs.28.2 lbs$99.99 per spool
23040TTPPFT5/8" By The Foot5,600 lbs..075 lbs$0.42 per ft.
23040TTP6005/8"x600 ft.5,600 lbs.45 lbs$179.99 per spool
23048TTPPFT3/4" By The Foot7,650 lbs..11 lbs$0.89 per ft.
23048TTP6003/4"x600 ft.7,650 lbs.66 lbs$269.99 per spool
23064TTPPFT1" By The Foot12,600 lbs..15 lbs$1.05 per ft.
23064TTP6001"x600 ft.12,600 lbs.108 lbs$459.99 per spool
23096TTPPFT1-1/2" By The Foot26,800 lbs..39 lbs$1.80 per ft.
23096TTP6001-1/2"x600 ft.26,800 lbs.231 lbs$999.99 per spool
23028TTPPFT2" By The Foot46,800 lbs..70 lbs$2.99 per ft.
23028TTP6002"x600 ft.46,800 lbs.439 lbs$1,449.99 per spool
Unmanila Promanila Rope