Polypropylene Rope 3 Strand Twisted

Polypropylene Yellow RopeBulk Polypropylene RopePolypropylene Rope is the lightest and most economical synthetic rope, with approximately twice the tensile strength of manila. This rope will not rot or mildew, & is resistant to most chemicals and acids. It floats in fresh and salt water, & can be stored wet.

A general purpose rope used in marine, sports, industrial, farm and home applications.

Sold in continuous foot lengths, or in bulk 600 ft. spools.

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Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPrice Per ft/ReelAdd To Cart
24016TYPPFT1/4"1,130 lbs..012 lbs$0.07
24016TYP6001/4"x600' Reel1,130 lbs.7.2 lbs $25.99
24020TYPPFT5/16"1,710 lbs..018 lbs$0.12
24020TYP6005/16"x600' Reel1,710 lbs.10.8 lbs $41.10
24024TYPPFT3/8"2,440 lbs..028 lbs$0.18
24024TYP6003/8"x600' Reel2,440 lbs.16.8 lbs $55.10
24032TYPPFT1/2"3,780 lbs..047 lbs$0.25
24032TYP6001/2"x600' Reel3,780 lbs.28.2 lbs $94.40
24040TYPPFT5/8"5,600 lbs..075 lbs$0.37
24040TYP6005/8"x600' Reel5,600 lbs.45 lbs $139.99
24048TYPPFT3/4"7,650 lbs..107 lbs$0.55
24048TYP6003/4"x600' Reel7,650 lbs.64.2 lbs $199.99
24064TYPPFT1"12,600 lbs..18 lbs$0.80
24064TYP6001"x600' Reel12,600 lbs.108 lbs $338.60
24080TYP6001-1/4"x600' Reel18,900 lbs.168 lbs $729.99
24096TYP6001-1/2"x600' Reel26,800 lbs.215 lbs $739.99