Black Three Strand Twisted Nylon

Black Nylon Rope 3 Strand Twisted

Our quality Black Three Strand Twisted Nylon Rope is made using solution dyed yarns. Solution dyed fiber assures color consistency throughout the rope. Manufactured utilizing piled yarns in a four stage process to ensure strength, durability and long service life.

Nylon has the highest stretch, strength and shock absorbency of any synthetic rope.

Sold in 600 ft. Spools

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Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPriceAdd To Cartprice_hsort
29016TBN6001/4" x 600' Spool1,500 lbs.10 lbs$99.99 $89.99
29024TBN6003/8" x 600' Spool3,300 lbs.22 lbs$220.99 $199.99
29032TBN6001/2" x 600' Spool5,750 lbs.38 lbs$419.99 $379.99
29040TBN6005/8" x 600' Spool9,000 lbs.60 lbs$639.99 $579.99
29048TBN6003/4" x 600' Spool11,300 lbs.86 lbs$979.99 $899.99