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Polyester Rope Twisted & Braided

Three Strand Twisted White Polyester Rope

Twisted Polyester RopeFilament polyester ropes offer a low stretch & resist most chemicals, rot, and mildew, including acids which can cause damage to nylon rope. With good abrasion and excellent U.V resistance Polyester won’t lose strength when wet unlike nylon will. Perfect for high friction uses like marine rigging and winch lines. 

Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeight Per SpoolPrice Per SpoolBuyprice_hsort
36024DBP12001/4" x 1,200' Spool1,490 lbs.26 lbs$88.60
36024TWP6003/8" x 600' Spool3,340 lbs.29 lbs$176.20
36032TWP12001/2" x 1,200' Spool5,750 Ibs.98 lbs$575.20
36040TWP6005/8" x 600' Spool9,350 lbs.80 lbs$499.90
36040TWP12005/8" x 1,200' Spool9,350 lbs.160 lbs$945.50
36048TWP6003/4" x 600' Spool11,300 lbs.107 lbs$646.20

Double Braid White Polyester Rope

Double Braid Polyester RopeDouble Braid Polyester Rope has a higher break strength than nylon. Polyester has less stretch than any conventional synthetic fiber. With it’s high strength and low stretch, limited creep & high abrasion resistance, Double Braid Polyester is ideal for controlled lifting and pulling applications. Perfect for use with winches, capstans, sheaves, block and tackle.  

All sizes listed are expressed in diameter.

If you are not sure which type rope you need, please click here to view our Rope Fiber Selection Guide.

Part No.SizeMinimum BreakWeight Per SpoolPrice Per SpoolBuyprice_hsort
36024DBP6003/8" x 600' Spool4,468 lbs.30 lbs$278.50
36032DBP6001/2" x 600' Spool7,894 lbs.48 lbs$410.50
36040DBP6005/8" x 600' Spool12,274 lbs.78 lbs$512.20
36048DBP6003/4" x 600' Spool17,600 lbs.108 lbs$810.50
36064DBP6001" x 600' Spool30,900 lbs.192 lbs$1,240.50