Superpro Co-Polymer Rope

Superpro Co-Polymer RopeSuperpro Co-Polymer Rope

SuperPro® Co-Polymer Rope is 35% stronger and much more abrasion-resistant than standard polypropylene products. Blending polypropylene and high modulus polyethylene resins, with low elongation characteristics equivalent to pure polyester.

Used in the fall protection and heavy industrial industries as well as power utility, towing and construction, it provides the durability needed for a wide range of applications including safety lines, block lines and hand lines, cargo nets, and extension ladders. Because it floats, SuperPro® is also widely used by the commercial marine industry for things like messenger lines, barge lines, anchor and mooring lines, transport nets, and even water rescue.

This rope is lightweight and provides good handling characteristics and excellent UV properties.

  • 30-35% stronger than standard polypropylene
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV properties
  • Lightweight/Floats
  • Good handling characteristics

If you are not sure which type rope you need, please click here to view our Rope Fiber Selection Guide.

Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPriceAdd To Cart
27016TSP6001/4" x 600' Reel1,600 lbs.9 lbs$63.99
27020TSP6005/16" x 600' Reel2,625 lbs.12 lbs$78.49
27024TSPPFT3/8" By The Foot3,735 lbs..03 lbs$0.25
27024TSP6003/8" x 600' Reel3,735 lbs.17 lbs$119.99
27028TSP6007/16" x 600' Reel4,643 lbs.23 lbs$169.99
27032TSPPFT1/2" By The Foot6,156 lbs..05 lbs$0.40
27032TSP6001/2" x 600' Reel6,156 lbs.30 lbs$199.99
27040TSPPFT5/8" By The Foot10,693 lbs..08 lbs$0.65
27040TSP6005/8" x 600' Reel10,693 lbs.45 lbs$279.99
27048TSPPFT3/4" By The Foot12,103 lbs..11 lbs$0.89
27048TSP6003/4" x 600' Reel12,103 lbs.66 lbs$399.99
27064TSPPFT1" By The Foot22,785 lbs..19 lbs$1.69
27064TSP6001" x 600' Reel22,785 lbs.115 lbs$799.99
27072TSP6001-1/8" x 600' Reel26,812 lbs.145 lbs$899.99
27080TSP6001-1/4" x 600' Reel33,257 lbs.175 lbs$999.99
27096TSP6001-1/2" x 600' Reel42,300 lbs.250 lbs$1,599.99
27029TSP6002" x 600' Reel78,530 lbs.435 lbs$2,599.99