Manila Rope 3 Strand Twisted

Manila Rope

Manila Rope 3 Strand TwistedManila Rope is an inexpensive, natural fiber rope that is treated with a preservative before leaving the Philippines. Stronger & more economical than true hemp, manila is made with abacá leaves, a close variant to today’s modern banana plant. 

This flexible & decorative rope has that perfect nautical look when new or rustic charming when weathered. Holds knots well with a great hand grip texture makes manila a popular choice for handrail or landscape projects.

Although this rope has UV resistant fibers, it may shrink outdoors by up to 10%. Also, during the manufacturing process there is a mineral oil applied for added durability. When new, you may smell a slight oil odor that should fade away in a week or two.

We also carry a synthetic polypropylene alternative called UnManila that won’t rot or shrink when wet.

A classic around the lake house or beach getaway!Manila Rope Size Comparison

Sold by the foot, or in bulk 600′ center pull coils.

If you are not sure which type rope you need, please click here to view our Rope Fiber Selection Guide.

Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPrice Per ft./Bulk CoilAdd To Cart
22016TWMPFT1/4" By The Foot500 lbs..02 lbs$0.09
22016TWM6001/4"x600 ft. Bulk Coil500 lbs.12 lbs $32.99
22024TWMPFT3/8" By The Foot1200 lbs..041 lbs$0.19
22024TWM6003/8"x600 ft. Bulk Coil1200 lbs.25 lbs $65.99
22032TWMPFT1/2" By The Foot2300 lbs..075 lbs$0.30
22032TWM6001/2"x600 ft. Bulk Coil2300 lbs.45 lbs $129.99
22040TWMPFT5/8" By The Foot3900 lbs..133 lbs$0.44
22040TWM6005/8"x600 ft. Bulk Coil3900 lbs.80 lbs $239.99
22048TWMPFT3/4" By The Foot4800 lbs..167 lbs $0.58
22048TWM6003/4"x600 ft. Bulk Coil4800 lbs.100 lbs $279.99
22064TWMPFT1" By The Foot8100 lbs..27 lbs$0.75
22064TWM6001"x600 ft. Bulk Coil8100 lbs.162 lbs $409.99
22080TWMPFT1-1/4" By The Foot12000 lbs..375 lbs$1.20
22080TWM6001-1/4"x600 ft. Bulk Coil12,000 lbs.250 lbs $679.99
22096TWMPFT1-1/2" By The Foot16700 lbs..60 lbs$1.85
22096TWM6001-1/2"x600 ft. Bulk Coil16700 lbs.360 lbs $889.99
22028TWMPFT2" By The Foot27000 lbs.1.08 lbs$3.18
22028TWM6002"x600 ft. Bulk Coil27000 lbs.648 lbs $1,599.99
22099TWM1003"x100 ft. Coil64800 Ibs.245 lbs$699.99
22099TWM6003"x600 ft. Bulk Coil64800 lbs.1458 lbs $3,399.99