High Tensile Bolt Cutter (Red Blade)

Durable jaws are made of forged high tensile steel with special heat treating, designed for cutting hard material, spring wire guys, hardened chains, high-tensile bolts, etc. Max. hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 450/Rockwell C48, 110 Tons/Sq. 162 Kg/square mm. Comfortable rubber handles for gripping firmly and safely. Exceeds U.S. Federal specification number GGG-C-740d Type II. The following cutting capacity on the basis of material under HRC15. Hard material may affect the cutting capacity.

High Tensile Bolt Cutter (Red Blade)
Click Part # for More Info.Overall LengthCapacity HRC-42Jaw TypeWeight EachPriceAdd To Cart
22-BC12R12"3/16"Clipper Cut2 lbs$59.99
22-BC14R14"1/4"Clipper Cut2.5 lbs$77.99
22-BC18R18"5/16"Clipper Cut3.5 lbs$89.99
22-BC24R24"3/8"Center Cut6.5 lbs$119.99
22-BC30R30"1/2"Center Cut9.25 lbs$151.14
22-BC36R36"5/8"Center Cut14.25 lbs$205.25
22-BC42R42"3/4"Center Cut21 lbs$289.99