Poly Dacron Combo Rope

Poly Combo Dacron RopePoly Combo Dacron Rope

Poly Dacron Combo Rope is sometimes referred to as Poly-Dac or Poly Combo. With an outer polyester covering & inner polypropylene core this rope offers excellent abrasion resistance. This durable 3 strand twisted high strength rope feels great in the hands with a good grip hold. Easy to splice, holds knots well & won’t shrink when wet.

A great synthetic alternative to manila rope used in fall protection, sailing, exercise, hoisting & railing applications.

Sold in continuous foot lengths or bulk 600 ft. spools.

If you are not sure which type rope you need, please click here to view our Rope Fiber Selection Guide.

Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPriceAdd To Cart
25024TPCPFT3/8" 2,700 lbs..038 lbs$0.33 per ft.
25024TPC6003/8"x600 ft. 2,700 lbs.22.8 lbs$89.99 per spool
25024TPC12003/8"x1200 ft. 2,700 lbs.45.60 lbs$169.99 per spool
25032TPCPFT1/2"4,400 lbs..062 lbs$0.48 per ft.
25032TPC6001/2"x600 ft. 4,400 lbs.37.20 lbs$159.99 per spool
25032TPC12001/2"x1200 ft. 4,400 lbs.74.40 lbs$299.99 per spool
25040TPCPFT5/8" 6,500 lbs..093 lbs$0.73 per ft.
25040TPC6005/8"x600 ft. 6,500 lbs.55.80 lbs$219.99 per spool
25040TPC12005/8"x1200 ft. 6,500 lbs.111.60 lbs$419.99 per spool
25048TPCPFT3/4" 9,000 lbs..129 lbs$0.98 per ft.
25048TPC6003/4"x600 ft. 9,000 lbs.77.40 lbs$299.99 per spool
25048TPC12003/4"x1200 ft. 9,000 lbs.154.80 lbs$549.99 per spool
25064TPCPFT1" 18,750 lbs..24 lbs$1.76 per ft.
25064TPC6001"x600 ft. 18,750 lbs.144.00 lbs$449.99 per spool
25064TPC12001"x1200 ft. 18,750 lbs.288.00 lbs$899.99 per spool