3/8″ Poly Dacron Combo Rope 1200 ft. Spool

$169.99 per spool

  • Sold in 1,200 ft. spool
  • Break strength 2,700 lbs.
  • High strength & economical
  • Low stretch
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3/8″ Three Strand Twisted Poly Dacron Combo Rope 1200 ft. Spool

Poly Dacron Combo Rope Coil

3/8 inch Twisted Poly Combo, sometimes referred to as Poly-Dac or Poly Dacron, is a combination of Polyester and Polypropylene. Soft on the hands with good grip service. High strength & economical. OSHA Approved for scaffold use. Good dielectric properties. Knots well.

Poly Combo rope is more economical than true polyester. Dacron is composed of high density polyester fibers wrapped over a polyolefin yarn core. This gives it excellent strength & durability with less cost. It’s lightweight, abrasion resistant, & highly flexible. White with a red colored tracer strand. We also carry 3/8 inch Poly Combo Dacron rope cut to length by the foot and in 600 ft. spools.

All Available Poly Dacron Sizes

Poly Dacron General Use:

  • Marine
  • Fishing Industry
  • Construction
  • Scaffold
  • Pulleys
  • Tree Work

Benefits of Poly Combo:

  • Low Stretch
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • General Purpose
  • Weather Resistant
  • Light-Weight
  • Strong & Economical
  • Moisture, UV, & Chemical Resistant

Poly Dacron Combo Rope Size Comparison

**Warning** Do not use for overhead lifting. Never exceed safe working load limits. Rope should be taken out of service with signs of wear, fraying, or broken fibers. Misuse may result in serious injury.

Tape rope before cutting. Once cut, add additional tape on the ends for appearance.
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