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Paving Cord Kevlar

1/8″ Diamond braid high visibility yellow polyester paving cord with kevlar core.

Also known as string line or sensor line. A kevlar core is used for low stretch.

  • UV Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • High Strength
  • High Visibility
  • Low Stretch

Lay pavement at a consistent grade. Holds a straight line at the desired height throughout the project. Diamond braided construction for strength & flexibility. Weather resistant. Resists oil, mold & rot.

Available in 1,000′, 3,000′ & 5,000 ft. lengths

Paving Cord Kevlar Spool
Paving Cord Kevlar Rope
Click Part # for More Info.LengthWeightPriceAdd To Cart
390PKV10001000' Spool5 lbs$85.99 per spool
390PKV30003000' Spool16 lbs$237.99 per spool
390PKV50005000' Spool26 lbs$388.99 per spool

1,000 ft.

Kevlar Paving Cord 1000 ft. Spool

3,000 ft.

Kevlar Paving Cord 3000 ft. Spool

5,000 ft. 

Kevlar Paving Cord 5000 ft. Spool