8×25 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

8x25 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope8×19 Class (1-6-6-12) IWRC, preformed, extra improved plow steel

Minimum rotation of cable under tension. Eight outer strands around an independent wire rope core, these strands are in the opposite direction to the lay of the inner core. Used in a single-part hoist line or multi-part system where the blocks have a tendency to twist. Meets Federal Specification RR-W-410D.

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Click Part # for More Info.SizeBreak StrengthWeight Per Ft.Buy
30RR0288257/16"17,900 lbs..36 lbs
30RR0328251/2"23,200 lbs..47 lbs
30RR0368259/16"29,400 lbs..60 lbs
30RR0408255/8"36,200 lbs..73 lbs
30RR0488253/4"51,800 lbs.1.06 lbs