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Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter (Black Blade)

For general purpose use, designed for cutting medium steel and soft bolts, nuts, rods, chain, etc. Maximum hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 370/Rockwell C42, 85 Tons/Sq. 133 Kg/square mm. Jaws are made of drop forged high grade alloy tool steel with heat treated, precision cutting edges for longer cutting life. Comfortable rubber handles for gripping firmly and safely. Exceeds U.S. Federal specification number GGG-C-740d Type II. The following cutting capacity on the basis of material under HRC15. Hard material may affect the cutting capacity.

Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter (Black Blade)
Click Part # for More Info.Overall LengthCapacity HRC-42Jaw TypeWeight EachPriceAdd To Cart
22-BC12H12"3/16"Clipper Cut2 lbs$46.99
22-BC14H14"1/4"Clipper Cut2.5 lbs$62.99
22-BC18H18"5/16"Clipper Cut3.5 lbs$76.69
22-BC24H24"3/8"Center Cut6.5 lbs$109.99
22-BC30H30"7/16"Center Cut9.25 lbs$139.99
22-BC36H36"1/2"Center Cut14.25 lbs$180.90
22-BC42H42"9/16"Center Cut21 lbs$249.99