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Thimbles are used in the eye of wire rope slings to protect the cable from abrasion and eye deformation. Repeated load use on an unprotected cable sling can result in frayed and damaged cable strands, leading to premature failure. By providing this layer of protection between the cable and its load, premature failure of the sling is mitigated.

Selecting the correct thimble size is important for secure connections to other rigging assemblies. A cable sized at 1/4″ diameter would require a 1/4″ thimble. If the cable has a vinyl coating, such as a 1/4″ cable coated to 5/16″, you would use a 5/16″ thimble.

Correct usage of a thimble is shown below: place the thimble inside an eye loop, and use wire rope Clips or crimping Sleeves to secure the thimble tightly.

Thimble on Cable with Sleeve

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