HMPE Rope 12-Strand Braided Synthetic Blue

HMPE RopeHMPE 12 Strand Blue RopeHMPE Rope (High Modulus Poly-ethylene) 12 Strand has an extremely high strength to weight ratio and has the same or better break strength as wire rope. Easy to handle, this floating rope has a high flex fatigue and is abrasion resistant. HMPE is considered to have the lowest stretch of any synthetic rope. Designed to be comparable to Samson’s Dyneema Amsteel Blue.

Strong As Steel Wire Rope!

HMPE Blue 12 Strand Rope

Click Part # for More Info.SizeMin. Break StrengthWeightPriceAdd To Cart
34012HMPE12003/16" x 1200' Reel4,900 lbs23 lbs$635.99
34016HMPE6001/4" x 600 ft Spool7,700 lbs9 lbs$449.99
34016HMPE12001/4" x 1200 ft Spool7,700 lbs17 lbs$899.99
34020HMPE6005/16" x 600 ft. Spool12,300 lbs14 lbs$799.99
34020HMPE12005/16" x 1200 ft. Spool12,300 lbs27 lbs$1,499.99
34024HMPEPFT3/8" ft.17,600 lbs.031 lbs$1.99
34024HMPE6003/8" x 600 ft. Spool17,600 lbs34 lbs$899.99
34024HMPE12003/8" x 1200 ft. Spool17,600 lbs62 lbs$1,749.99
34032HMPEPFT1/2" ft.30,600 lbs.068 lbs$3.30
34032HMPE6001/2" x 600 ft. Spool30,600 lbs41 lbs$1,699.99
34032HMPE12001/2" x 1200 ft. Spool30,600 lbs81 lbs$3,299.99
34040HMPEPFT5/8" ft.47,500 lbs.09 lbs$4.18
34040HMPE6005/8" x 600 ft. Spool47,500 lbs68 lbs$1,899.99
34040HMPE12005/8" x 1200 ft. Spool47,500 lbs120 lbs$3,699.99
34048HMPEPFT3/4" ft.58,000 lbs.138 lbs$5.50
34048HMPE6003/4" x 600 ft. Spool58,000 lbs86 lbs$2,799.99
34064HMPEPFT1" ft.98,100 lbs.209 lbs$11.99
34064HMPE6001" x 600 ft. Spool98,100 lbs143 lbs$5,699.99
34080HMPEPFT1-1/4" ft.149,000 lbs.363 lbs$23.10
34080HMPE6001-1/4" x 600 ft. Spool149,000 lbs217.8 lbs$9,999.99