1″ Blue HMPE 12-Strand Rope Cut To Length


  • Sold in continuous ft. length
  • Break strength 98,100 lbs.HMPE 12 Strand Synthetic Blue Braided Rope
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Very high strength with low weight to dia. ratio
  • Soft eyes, hard eyes & thimbles available


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1″ Blue HMPE 12-Strand Rope Cut To Length By The Ft.

HMPE Blue 12 Strand Rope

Available In 600 ft. Spool

HMPE 12 Strand Blue Rope

More Sizes Available


1″ Blue HMPE (High Modulus Poly-ethylene) 12 Strand has an extremely high strength to weight ratio & same or better break strength than wire rope yet it floats. With high flex fatigue and abrasion resistance it is easy to field splice. HMPE is considered to have the lowest stretch of any synthetic rope. Designed to be comparable to Samson’s Dyneema Amsteel Blue.

Our heat-treated 12 strand rope with polyurethane coating is torque-free that yields a maximum strength to weight ratio, with the same strength as steel wire rope of similar diameter. This HMPE rope is an excellent replacement for wire rope. Additionally, a specific gravity of 0.98 makes it very useful in a marine environment.

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Weight .209 lbs

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