19x7 Rotation Resistant Cable19×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

19×7 Construction (1-6) WC, Preformed, Right Regular Lay, Extra Improved Plow Steel

In an application where a single-part hoist rope is used to lift a free load

19×7 Rotation Resistant has inner six strands that are laid to the left around the core while the outer twelve strands are laid to the right.

When under load, opposing rotational forces are created between the two layers.

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Part No.SizeBreak StrengthWeight Per Ft.Buy
20RR0161971/4"5,540 lbs..11 lbs
20RR0201975/16"8,600 lbs..18 lbs
20RR0241973/8"12,300 lbs..25 lbs
20RR0281977/16"16,660 lbs..35 lbs
20RR0321971/2"21,600 lbs..45 lbs
20RR0361979/16"27,200 lbs..58 lbs
20RR0401975/8"33,600 lbs..71 lbs
20RR0481973/4"48,000 lbs.1.00 lbs