Fiber Core Tow Truck Winch Lines

Wire Rope Tow Truck Winch Line Cable with Alloy Eye Hoist Hook and Stainless Steel Safety LatchTow Truck Winch Line Cable

  • Meets or exceeds all DOT requirements
  • Heavy Duty Flemish Thimble Eye Splice
  • Greater Flexibility & Easier Handling

Also Available In Steel Core.

Click Part # for More Info.SizeBreak StrengthWeightPriceAdd To Cart
FCWL240353/8"x50' w/3 ton hook12,200 lbs11 lbs$94.99
FCWL240653/8"x75' w/ 3 ton hook12,200 lbs.18 lbs$124.99
FCWL241003/8"x100' w/ 3 ton hook12,200 lbs.27 lbs$165.99
FCWL241503/8"x150' w/ 3 ton hook12,200 lbs.39 lbs$223.99
FCWL280507/16"x50' w/ 4.5 ton hook16,540 lbs.18 lbs$125.99
FCWL281007/16"x100' w/ 4.5 ton hook16,540 lbs.34 lbs$187.99
FCWL281507/16"x150' w/ 4.5 ton hook16,540 lbs.50 lbs$256.99
FCWL282007/16"x200' w/ 4.5 ton hook16,540 lbs.66 lbs$333.99