Stainless Steel Cable Studs 1/8″ & 3/16″ Swage2020-11-10T14:59:29-06:00

Stainless Steel Cable Studs

An efficient and economical way of making decorative custom length cable assemblies on site. This fitting allows you to cut 1/8″ or 3/16″ cable for your length requirements and attach threaded studs to the ends quickly and easily.

Stainless Steel Cable Studs
Part No.For Cable SizeLengthThreadO.D.Weight EachPriceBuyprice_hsort
90QKS0081/8"4-1/4"1/4" - 201/4.075 lbs$9.44
90QKS0123/16"4-1/4"1/4" - 2011/32.11 lbs$9.97